Tuesday, 3 January 2017

What is XML and HTML sitemap in SEO

Most person concerned with SEO will definitely have question about HTML and XML sitemap in their mind, here are generic and useful information on these two sitemaps. 

About XML sitemap

Unlike HTML sitemap, XML sitemap directly communicates with the search engines notifying the changes are getting indexed by bot.

Google rank web pages not website! Quite interesting right?

Think you are building big bungalow with number of rooms and definitely you may require a blueprint of it to go to specific room in same sense XML sitemap works. Your website is bungalow and web pages are room, the blue print is sitemap. This makes easy for Google to easily and quickly find all the rooms within a house.

Where XML sitemap is important?

  • If your website is not well structured or well linked
  • If the site is just set live and does not have external links
  • Enhance accessibility and visibility by search engines
  • Find out the errors and fix it quickly
How to submit it?

Ensure that XML sitemap is accessible as URL

  • Now Login to your Google website tool
  • Go to crawl, under navigation choose sitemaps
  • On the upper right side click on red button “Ass/test sitemap” enter URL and click submit

About HTML sitemap
It is actually good to think website is specially created for users. HTML sitemap symbolizes more useful information to the visitors outlining which link is updated where. Here is how it looks like

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